Reflection Post: 9/10/2015 “What’s your prediction on what will happen with the journalism profession?”

During class, Jeff asked us what our predictions were in regards to the profession of journalism. I truly believe that it will eventually die off as a profession in the print industry first. Print is slowly moving into digital forms due to the new technologies of today. The magazines and newspapers print form will turn into online forms.  If journalist aren’t willing to change over into digital journalism then they will get left behind and most likely be doing a job that nobody wants to pay for. I also feel as though citizen journalism is becoming big in today’s society. With the quick access from cell phones to be able to capture pictures and moments then turn around within a few second and post the “news,” it seems as though the job that journalist do, may become an unpaid, “voluntary” job by your every day citizens. I tend to go to social media and find my news and a lot of the time, my friends have posted or shared the news stories so I don’t have to go out of my way to find news today. What are you predictions?


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