Reflection Post 8/6/2015: What is Social Media?

After watching the Snapshot Presentations on different apps lastnight, I have truly realized that social media is such a broad term.  So many of the apps we discussed can be considered “social media” in many different ways.  One app that I felt was “social” in some ways by the social media platform definition was the Style Seat App by Isis.  To me social media provides “immediacy” and that is exactly what that app provides.  People can request a hair appointment with just one click rather than having to pick up the phone to call and request to schedule an appointment.  However, I also feel that the app is also a utility tool and used for business purposes as well.  The app allows for businesses to advertise by making their salons accessible through the app.  In turn, they are making money and probably more money at that.  This is just one example from class that really got me thinking about social media and how it can be defined in many ways.  In my opinion, all apps are considered social media because of the convenience, immediacy, and usability they provide users today.


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