Dig Comm Reflection 7/29/2015

Lacey made a great reference in class to the Internet as being her “right-hand man.” I absolutely love this. It’s so true in so many people’s lives. The Internet acts as our resource for almost anything. We shop, we get news, we share stories, we chat, we date, we go to school…we do almost everything on the Internet. It’s amazing how today, some people would not survive if they didn’t have access to the Internet. Most people use it for work purposes and without it they couldn’t do their jobs. In many ways, I feel like the Internet is a great thing but I’d also say it’s not good because we don’t know how to physically interact anymore. One day it’ll be strictly online and digital communication with all other “old media” extinct (in my opinion).


2 thoughts on “Dig Comm Reflection 7/29/2015

  1. What reasons do you think it is a good thing and why? Think back to the five steps of media criticism and begin to look at these things with a more critical eye. I would love to read more about your analysis of these technologies!


    1. Thanks for the question Doug!

      To me the internet is a good thing because it is making things in life that would normally take time to access, more easily accessible. There’s more of a “here and now” feel to life. We dont have to go to stores or turn on the TV. Everything we need is right on the internet!


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