Reflection 7/23: News Access and Bias

During class we discussed how we view our news or where we get it from. It’s amazing to me that most everyone these days are likely to get their news from social media; yes I said it…SOCIAL MEDIA. Now how reliable is it to do that? Some may say not at all. Social media can be good and bad. However, those who choose to post or view their news on social media most likely have a bias involved. That allows for multiple news stories with different biases to be posted so that people can pick and choose what to read and believe. I admit it, I’m guilty of getting news on social media but that’s mainly because I don’t have time to sit down and watch news on TV or read the newspaper. I read a couple of the same stories from different publishers and come up with an unbiased opinion…or I atleast try to. What’s your thoughts on this?


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